Business and Work Place Health

Vital Home Health Services provide healthcare solutions for your business or workplace in Tasmania and Greater Sydney.

Our business health programs include Covid-19 and flu vaccinations and general health checks.

Our qualified registered nurses are available for Covid-19 and flu vaccinations at your site and at your earliest convenience. Get in touch to find out about minimum bookings and more.

In addition, we also offer workplace Covid-19 Rapid Antigen testing conducted by Registered Nurses.

Why provide a vaccination program in the workplace?

There are a myriad of reasons why you should provide a vaccination program in the workplace.

  • Peace of mind for your business ensuring your staff are vaccinated
  • Reduces cost by decreasing time missed from work to get vaccinated
  • Reduces cost by reducing absences due to illness, resulting in improved productivity
  • Improves employee health
  • Offers convenience to employee

On site rapid antigen testing 

Vital Home Health Services can provide on-site rapid antigen testing for businesses to give you and your staff peace of mind during the pandemic.  

A rapid antigen test is quick and simple test that can indicate if someone may have Covid-19.  

Frequent rapid antigen testing (every 72 hours) has been shown to have a positive impact in reducing mass outbreaks.  

Having an on-site rapid antigen testing plan in place for your business means less time taken off work for you and your staff, waiting for PCR test results, and less impact to your productivity.  

Whist self-testing is also available, many businesses are choosing to opt for fully managed point of care testing.  

This is a service that is run by a qualified health care provider, such as Vital Home Health Services. And the tests are conducted by Registered Nurses. 

We come to your location where our trained, qualified Registered Nursing staff conduct testing, process samples, and interpret the results and provide you with the results and reports. 

We supply the test kits, as well as provide consultation for the next steps.  

We can also attend your site to train staff on how to run consistent rapid antigen testing, that is effective, as well as how to process samples and interpret results.  

Contact us for more information on how we can help