Specialty Nursing Services

Diabetes Educator

Diabetes can seem very overwhelming when you are first diagnosed or someone close to you has been diagnosed. A GP may refer a person diagnosed with diabetes to undergo education from a diabetes educator. This may be when first diagnosed, or if a person is finding it difficult in managing their health goals such as blood glucose levels.  

At Vital Home Health Services, we offer specialised services in the education and management of diabetes care through our Diabetes Educators. But what exactly do our diabetes educators help with? 

Melissa Charles, Diabetes Educator
I graduated from university in 2017 and knew from the very beginning that working in the hospital setting was not for me. I wanted to be out in the community breathing in the fresh air and visiting all the lovely people in their homes. I also love how much autonomy being in the community provides me, which I believe has helped me grow into the nurse I am today. I chose to do further education in diabetes education and management as I want to make a difference in peoples lives and to help them manage their condition better, and in doing so, hopefully, avoid the complications diabetes can lead to. In collaboration with the clients’ GP, Endocrinologist, and family and friends, together we can help people live their best life in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Our diabetes educators can assist people with diabetes, their families and carers in understanding their condition, and empowering them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their diabetes. 

A specialised diabetes educator from Vital Home Health Services can provide education and guide a person with diabetes and all those involved in the responsibility of their care, such as family and carers, to understand their diabetes and how it affects their way of life. Our diabetes educator will then work with the client to set goals to manage their condition and improve their health.  

Our Diabetes Educators can assist with: 

  • Learning about diabetes and how to effectively manage it; 
  • Nutritional education that lead to better eating habits and if needed weight-loss strategies; 
  • Learning how to monitor blood glucose levels, what they mean and what to do if your levels are not within what is acceptable for you 
  • Understanding the diabetes specific medication that has been prescribed and how they work 
  • Learning how to use and take care of the different diabetes devices involved, like insulin pens, insulin pumps and blood glucose monitors; 
  • Feeling motivated and empowered to manage a diabetes condition independently; 
  • Knowing where to seek help and what to do in stressful situations.  

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Wound Nurse Practitioner

Our wound care practitioner is a medical professional that specialises in the consultation, support and education within the wider wound care discipline.  

Some People have chronic wounds that require regular treatment, while others may have wounds that are acute for example, post-surgery, and need to be managed at home.   

Regardless of the type of wound or wounds, when working with the clients, safe and quality, cost-effective wound care is imperative for preventing infection and other serious complications. 

Nearly half a million Australians suffer from chronic wounds every day.  People with chronic diseases such as diabetes or over 65+ are more at risk from the impacts of wounds.   

That is why at Vital Home Health Services, we take the utmost care to ensure our team are implementing the most specialised, advanced and up-to-date wound care techniques and management day in, day out.  

With an in-house Wound Care Practitioner leading us in Wound Care, we can continue to deliver on our focus on the most advanced wound prevention and management strategies – resulting in the best outcomes for you or your loved ones.  

How our Wound Care Practitioner benefits your loved ones 


Having a Wound Care Practitioner on our team of clinical professionals ensures that our Registered nursing team is across the latest techniques, medical products and methods to ensure your loved one’s wound care is managed in the best possible way and with positive outcomes. 

Regular evidence based wound management education is delivered to our team online and face-to-face (due to covid, when it is safe to do so) and includes training on the latest care methods from medical experts and bodies all over the world.