National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider Sydney

What is The NDIS? 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme helps people of any age with a significant disability to receive funding towards high-quality care services and support. 

 As a registered NDIS provider in Sydney and Tasmania, Vital Home Health Services deliver tailored support services to help you or your loved one access a range of services in the home, enabling you to achieve your goals appropriately and within a well-being approach. 

NDIS Support Budgets 

The NDIS offers three types of support budgets in line with your personal needs and goals: 

Core Support

Core Support 

Core Support helps with everyday activities, low-cost consumables, transport, and social and community participation. 

Capital Support

Capital Support 

Capital Support helps to fund higher-cost equipment, technology, and home or vehicle modifications. 

Capacity Building Support

Capacity Building Support 

Capacity Building Support helps to increase skills and independence – for improved living, learning, relationships, working, and wellbeing. 

Looking for an NDIS Disability Provider You Can Trust? 

NDIS Disability Provider

As a leading Registered and approved NDIS Service provider in Sydney and Tasmania Vital Home Health Services has all your DISABILITY Service NEEDS COVERED, so why choose us? 

  • Registered NDIS home care provider 
  • Experienced, qualified, caring staff 
  • Professional and knowledgeable 
  • Flexible services designed and bespoke 
  • Extensive range of support services 
  • Assist you to navigate the services you require 
  • Only choose, use and pay when and as you need the service. No hidden fees and complete transparency of services. 
  • Accredited with the Attendant Care Standards ACIS 4.0 
  • Accredited with the Council on Health Care Standards. 

The NDIS Process 

NDIS Process Stage 1

Check your eligibility for the NDIS programme with the NDIS. 

Remember, your plan is flexible and can be adapted at any time to suit your needs and goals. 

NDIS Process Stage 2

Speak to the Vital team about your individual needs and goals – the type of care required, when and how often.

Remember, your plan is flexible and can be adapted at any time to suit your needs and goals.   

NDIS Process Stage 3

Our qualified care team creates a bespoke service/care plan based on your approved funding needs. 

Remember, your plan is flexible and can be adapted at any time to suit your needs and goals. 

NDIS Process Stage 4

When you are happy with your plan, choose your start date and get going!

Remember, your plan is flexible and can be adapted at any time to suit your needs and goals. 

How Vital Supports You – Our NDIS Activities & Services 

In-Home Nursing

In-home Nursing

A registered nurse supports your Clinical needs, including wound dressing and Medication management and other more complex needs. 

Personal Care

Personal Care 

Assistance with completing all your daily personal care needs to get you ready for living your life every day 

Domestic Assistance

Domestic Assistance 

Cleaning, cooking, and clothes laundering – Your home is essential, and we are here to help you keep it as lived in as possible but also clean, maintained and livable. 

Social Support

Social Support 

From helping you contact your NDIS plan manager, booking appointments or to paying the monthly bills, your carer ensures your administration stays up to date 

Life Skill Development

Life-skills Development

Help with sourcing and enrolling into educational courses, community-based activities and classes/ sessions.   

Employment Support

Employment Support 

Support finding suitable jobs and assistance through the application and interview processes 

Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport

Getting you from A to B safely and on time – for appointments, community events, excursions and shopping 

NDIS Funding: What does it cover? 

Every person has a unique set of needs. Some people need support with equipment to make life easier at home or when out and about. Others require help physically moving from A to B safely or with assistance when out in the community. 

Our supportive, well-trained, experienced and professional carers work closely with you to create a bespoke plan based on your individual’s personal needs and goals, so you receive optimum care and support as and when you need it. 

NDIS Frequently Asked Questions  

The NDIS allows you to select your own disability Services provider – although there are several factors to be aware of. First, you must select a registered NDIS provider. Next, we recommend you consider their available services and whether they meet your unique needs and goals. Then, look into their experience, professionalism and knowledge of the scheme. Also, make sure they can demonstrate compassion towards people with a disability. Finally, are they Registered with the NDIS, as that also protects and safeguards your rights. 

The NDIS is designed to ensure high-quality care and services reaches people in need through various disability services providers. Is open to Australians of any age with a significant disability – physical, sensory, psychosocial or cognitive. 

Permanent Disability affects your ability to work, study and socialize. As such, you are likely to receive support from the NDIS throughout your life. People over 65 who choose to go into a residential care facility may find this type of support better meets their needs, in which case, NDiS funding will end. 

Some customers prefer to self-manage their NDIS fund, and pay the provider directly from their funds once received into their bank. Others will have an NDIA-managed fund, whereby the provider applies directly to the NDIS for funding on your behalf. Your provider will discuss which option suits you better before your support begins.  

NDIS covers support and equipment designed to improve a disabled person’s life at home and in the community. It includes funding for personal care, activities, transport, equipment, home and vehicle modifications, studying and community participation. 

The NDIS will not pay for other costs of living – food, utility bills, and subscription services. 

NDIs is designed to support people with a significant and permanent disability. It does not cover temporary disability caused by an accident – for example, a person who is unable to walk after a fall but their injury will eventually heal.   

The funding you receive depends on the type of support plan and its duration. Plans are granted to cover up to 36 months and can then be extended.  Your NDIS registered provider will help you through the process of creating your bespoke plan to suit your needs, and help you determine the amount of funding available to you. 

Visit or call the NDIS Helpline: 1800 800 110  

No, NDIS provider insurance is completely separate to any private health insurance cover. NDIS provides funding to people with a disability; private health funds are open to people irrespective of a disability and customers pay towards their insurance premium.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, Vital implemented multiple procedures to protect our customers against Covid-19. While the initial threat caused by the virus has since reduced, there are still certain measures Vital feels necessary to keep in place.  NDSI Commission resources for NDIS participants tells you more etc. 

Disability care in Australia provides people with a permanent or significant disability the support they need to live independently. Services include supporting people with transport, personal tasks like shopping and paying bills, domestic support to clean and cook, and in-home nursing. 

Because different people have different needs, Vital offers a range of disability care services which can be tailored into a package to suit the individual. Choose the types of support you need – in-home nursing, personal care, domestic assistance, social support, travel and transport, and life-skills development – and create a bespoke care package that matches your needs. Whatever your disability care package, you will have qualified and caring staff supporting you as required by an NDIS-approved disability care provider. 

There are three types of support under the NDIS. Core support helps with daily activities at home, transport and community participation. Capital support funds items such as disability equipment. Capacity Building covers learning and development opportunities. You can also seek private care outside of the NDIS scheme. 

Any person who is permanently or significantly disabled and living at home can benefit from disability care. Support from a trusted and qualified care provider can make a massive difference in allowing them to live as independently as possible. 

The NDIS provides a broad range of financial support packages to cover different life requirements – medical, personal and social. Once you have confirmed your eligibility for the NDIS, speak with your registered care provider about your individual needs. This will determine how much financial support you are entitled to and how often. 

Any Australian citizen aged between 7 and 65 who is permanently or significantly disabled and holds a Permanent or Special Category visa can receive NDIS support.