Dust Diseases Care

What is a dust disease?

Dust diseases are caused by inhaling dust on construction and industrial sites. While the majority of dust diseases cases are caused by asbestos inhalation, it’s not the only situation that can cause a dust-related disease to develop. Some other materials that can cause dust diseases are:

  • Crystalline silica
  • Hard metals, such as tungsten and cobalt
  • Aluminium, beryllium
  • Bagasse, cotton and mouldy hay
  • Straw or grain

Dust can be inhaled on a work site when it is disturbed or created. While the risk of developing a dust-related disease is low, symptoms don’t usually to appear for many years. You should take workplace safety precautions in order to minimise any risk, such as dust suppression measures and personal protective equipment. Please visit the SafeWork NSW website for more information on workplace safety and dust.

What is icare?

icare dust diseases care NSW is a scheme that provides financial compensation and health care support to people affected by work-related dust diseases. They also provide funding for research into the causes, diagnosis and treatments.

Learn more about icare here

What does icare cover?

The dust diseases managed by icare dust diseases care under the Scheme include the following:

• Aluminosis
• Asbestosis
• Asbestos induced carcinoma
• Asbestos-related pleural diseases (ARPDs)
• Bagassosis
• Berylliosis
• Byssinosis

• Coal dust pneumoconiosis
• Farmers’ lung
• Hard metal pneumoconiosis
• Mesothelioma
• Silicosis
• Silico-tuberculosis
• Talcosis

More than 95% of the dust diseases managed by icare dust diseases care are asbestos-related.

Eligibility for icare dust disease care:

Prior to receiving dust disease care or benefits a client must be eligible. The eligibility requirements as determined by icare NSW are as below:

  • A medical diagnosis of a dust disease covered by our scheme
  • Evidence that the exposure to harmful dust occurred while you were employed in NSW
  • A level of disability as a result of your dust disease

Dust diseases can only be detected through a medical examination. The examination should be carried out by a doctor who has experience in respiratory medicine. Usually, examinations will include a chest X-ray or CT scan, and a lung function test. Other medical tests may also be required.

If you haven’t been medically examined or had a chest X-ray in the last six months, we can arrange a free medical examination for you.

Completing a medical examination is an essential part of the application process. To arrange a free medical examination, complete the request for a medical examination form or contact us on 1800 550 027.

What is the process of applying for icare dust disease care?

If you have a disability-related to a dust disease contracted in an NSW workplace, we encourage you to contact icare NSW to learn more about your eligibility for care.

To apply for care, you will need to complete and submit an application for compensation form. Then after applying you will need to undergo various medical examinations to obtain reports in order to assess your eligibility for the care.

For additional information visit the NSW Government Workers’ Compensation (Dust Diseases) Act.

Services we provide for dust disease clients:

For clients approved into the dust diseases care program, we can provide an array of services such as:

Home Nursing

Respite Care


Domestic Assistance

Clinical Services

24 hour & Overnight Care

Arrange Allied Health referrals

Arrange in-home equipment

Frequently Asked Questions:

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances and diseases, icare do not.

For instance, icare don’t cover dust diseases contracted by coal miners in or around coal mining, as worker’s compensation for coal miners can be found via Coal Mines Insurance.

Pleural Plaques are not covered because the condition is not reported as a dust disease resulting in a level of disability that would prevent someone from continuing work.

To learn more about dust diseases and other construction health risks, visit SafeWork.

You may be eligible for some benefits from icare which you can learn more about here: https://www.icare.nsw.gov.au/injured-or-ill-people/work-related-dust-disease/payments/for-financial-dependants

Everyone is different, and everyone’s needs and wants are different. For assistance and guidance on how to plan your care or the care of a loved one please contact Vital Home Health Services for a comprehensive Care Needs assessment based on your needs and wants.  We can arrange an appointment to see you in the comfort of your own home with the people you choose to be involved in the assessment.

 Dust Diseases Care portal is simple to use and allows you to apply 24/7, watch the video below for more information:

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