Chronic Disease Management Services

Learning to live with a chronic illness can be challenging for yourself, your friends and family. This often impacts your mental wellbeing while dealing with existing physical illness. 

Fortunately, support is available to help you deal with the demands of your illness and reduce the stress and mental burden it brings. 

Vital Home Health Services offers high-quality, personalised chronic Illness care packages to keep you, your body and mind in the best shape possible to live independantly with your condition. 

What is Chronic Disease? 

Chronic disease refers to a serious long-term illness, usually permanent, that requires ongoing, long-term treatment and management. Some are a threat to life, while others require intense care over time. Common examples in Australia include cancer, diabetes, arthritis, dust disease and heart problems. 

No matter the condition, chronic illness is extremely challenging for the patient and their loved ones. It can impact their physical, emotional and mental well-being and often affects their daily activities, relationships, self-image, and overall quality of life.  

What is Chronic Disease Management? 

While the many types of chronic illness can differ, they share one thing in common: the need for medical management. 

Fortunately, thanks to advanced treatments and therapies, patients dealing with a chronic condition can live at home. However, hospitalisation can occur when they fail to look after themselves properly or appropriate care is not being received. 

If you have a chronic disease, you can avoid complications and improve your general health using a Chronic Disease Management service. Working with a professional provider or caregiver helps you learn how to manage chronic disease and take better care of yourself – from taking medication on time to accessing support specific to your condition – improving your health and reducing the potential for hospital care.  

And the team from Vital can help you. 

Personalised Chronic Disease Management Services from Vital 

At Vital Home Health Services, our primary aim is to provide optimum clinical support in the home to keep individuals independent, happy, and healthy.  

Our Chronic Disease Management services are tailored to improve our client’s physical, mental and emotional well-being by reducing the discomfort caused by their condition. 

Joining our chronic disease management program ensures high-quality personalised care and professional assistance from a qualified team, helping individuals self-manage chronic illness from the comfort of home. 

Since each client is different to the next, all chronic disease programs from Vital are personalised to the individual and clinical needs. This bespoke support ensures a healthy and independent quality of life is enhanced in the familiar environment of home. 

Working with our highly professional team can help improve health outcomes, prevent complications and reduce the need for hospitalisation.  

Supporting People Managing a Chronic Disease

Here are some of the common types of chronic illness the team at Vital supports. 

  • Alzheimer disease and dementia
  • Dust Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Crohn disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson disease

Don’t see your disease listed? Talk to our team about your needs today. 

Chronic Disease Management Services

Steps to Receiving Chronic Disease Management Support at Home 

Arranging support from Vital is easy. 

Step 1 to Receiving Chronic Disease Management Support

It starts with a confidential chat with one of our team members to find out more about your personal circumstances and needs. 

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Step 2 to Receiving Chronic Disease Management Support

Next, while working in collaboration with your other medical providers such as your GP, we prepare a bespoke care package to support you while managing your illness, with complete flexibility to alter your plan as your needs change  

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Step 3 to Receiving Chronic Disease Management Support

When ready, you can start your personalised care program immediately.  

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Benefits of Working with Vital 

At Vital Home Health Services, person-centred care is at the heart of everything we do.  

No matter the circumstances, each client receives a personalised service tailored to meet their medical needs and care preferences delivered from the comfort of home.   

Are you suffering from one or more chronic diseases? Or perhaps you have other serious conditions to manage too. When you work with Vital, our team gets to know everything about you before creating your bespoke service, prioritising your health concerns, clinical needs and well-being to provide positive outcomes.  

Vital Benefits include: 

  • Optimum people-centred care from your home – keeping you independent, healthy and happy 
  • A team of qualified nurses visiting your home, providing consistent industry leading services and support 
  • Trusted, high-quality service from an experienced in-home care provider  
  • Immediate access to more Vital home care services as and when you need them  

Ready to learn more about Chronic Disease Management from Vital?  

Benefits of Working with Vital

Other personal & clinical services we provide:


Personal care such as washing & feeding


Pain management

Medication management

Social care (such as emotional support and conversing)

Auxiliary care (such as shopping & transportation)

Symptom management

Constipation management

Continence management

Spiritual support

Support for family members

Domestic care (such as cleaning and preparing meals)

Mouth care and prevention of ulcers

Pressure area care

Wound management including complex wounds

Psychological support

Bereavement counselling

Affirming the end of life process

Planning care (such as coordinating support)

Chronic Disease Management FAQs 

Also known as Chronic Disease, Chronic illness is a condition that stays with a patient long term or permanently and requires ongoing care.  

Anybody with an illness classed as a chronic disease can be eligible for support. If you cannot see your condition listed above or simply have questions about our service, contact our team for a confidential chat. 

Just as illnesses change from one client to the next, each program is different. It is recommended to initially take up a program on a 6-month basis to assess the service and make any alterations, then extend it for a longer period. Ultimately your program is evergreen and can remain active for as long as you want it to, with the flexibility to make further alterations if necessary.