Children’s Support Services

Children’s Support Services

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Vital Home Health Care Services, with NDIS support, can provide services for children with special needs.   

Our experienced care team provide a wide range of therapies and services and is here to help your children overcome day to day challenges and reach their goals.  

Whether it’s home support, or support with self-care at school, Vital Home Health Services care and support staff are trained to provide the assistance needed. We can provide services to children and adolescents from ages 0-18.

You can learn more about NDIS funding options here

Frequently Asked Questions

Children with disability or developmental delay are eligible. Some conditions include autism, epilepsy, mental and physical disability.  

The NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary support for children with disability or developmental delay. The NDIS also supports you if you care for a child with developmental delay or disability. 

Find out more about NDIS funding for children here.  

Reasonable and necessary supports are: 

  • related to your child’s disability 
  • value for money 
  • likely to work and benefit your child 
  • based on evidence. 

You can find out more here. 

Services NOT covered by the NDIS include: 

  • Anything not related to related to your child’s developmental delay or disability 
  • Health and education services already funded by government 
  • Day to day costs not related to the child’s needs 

For school aged children, the NDIS will help fund support to help a child attend school (for example, to assist with self-care at school). However, teachers and computers are not funded as they are covered by the education system.  

If your child has a a developmental delay or disability, and is an Australian citizens, permanent residents, or other visa holders with Protected Special Category Visas, then your child is eligible to apply. 

You can use this quiz to determine if you are eligible.

Yes, however there are two approaches to funding for children.

Aged under 7 years  

If your child is aged under seven years and has a developmental delay or disability, your child can get support through the NDIS’s early childhood early intervention approach. 

This is called the early childhood early intervention (ECEI) and means that children can under seven years with disability or developmental delay get quick access to support that’s tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

The theory behind this approach is that children will do better long-term when they are given support as early as possible. 

Since your child doesn’t need a diagnoses, this serve is also available behavioural 

Under the ECEI, your child can get support quickly, without having to become an NDIS participant.

Learn more about the ECEI here.

If you would like some assistance applying for the early childhood early intervention (ECEI) program, call us to speak to one our Child Services Coordinators.

If your child continues to require support, steps can be taken so your child can receive long-term NDIS access, thus work todwards an NDIS plan that supports your child’s goals.

Ages 7 and older 

If your child is aged seven years and over, your child can get support from the NDIS if they have a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities.

Your child will receive an NDIS plan that covers;

  • supports and services in your child’s life
  • goals you want your child to achieve
  • funding that has been allocated in your child’s plan.

Your plan will be tailored to to meet your Childs needs ensuring the best outcome. 

Learn more about plans and how they are managed.

Once you have your NDIS plan, we can help you delver the services that are needed to help your child flourish. 

Your plan will be regularly reviewed, a process in which your NDIS representative will check the plan is still meeting your child’s needs, goals and outcomes. 

You can contact us to book an appointment or make a referral.

Source: Raising Children

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