2020 In Review

This year has been a challenging one…to say the least, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the entire team at Vital Home Health Services for their phenomenal work this year.

During 2020 not only did we adapt and persevere the COVID-19 pandemic but we grew as a team and celebrated the year of the nurse.

We also had the ACHS auditors attend our head office as well as visited our clients for a periodic review of our services, systems, and processors. It was a long day where the auditors checked all of our records and documentation. Our team’s qualifications, credentials and education provided during the year was checked as well as our documentation of care and nursing notes within the new App were reviewed.

The ACHS also did home visits of our clients and were extremely impressed with how well we looked after our clients. Below is some of the feedback they provided us with, which truly reveals just how incredible our team are at Vital Home Health Services.

“Your COVID-19 response was early, decisive and well ahead of other home care and nursing services”

“Your commitment to quality in your standards and your caring is obvious, and this shines through”

“You are delivering safe, responsible and responsive care”

“We cannot believe that in the middle of a pandemic your team managed to roll out the new Home Care App, E-Documentation system to go paperless, well done for not letting the pandemic stop your services”

“Great teamwork, Dynamic and exciting team to watch at work”

This is great feedback and we wanted to share it with not only our internal team but the public as to how proud we are at the efforts our incredible team have achieved this year.

Well done EVERYONE. Looking forward to more and wonderful work in 2021.

Thank you and Warm Regards
Hoda Al-Hayek