COVID-19 Resources You Should Know About

There has recently been an influx of resources, guides, videos and more about COVID-19. It can be quite overwhelming what to read, watch or listen to. So with that said we have put together a list of the important COVID-19 resources you should know about.

On-Page Directory:

Healthdirect symptom checker

The health direct COVID-19 symptom tracker has been developed by a government-funded service, providing quality, approved health information and advice. It is interactive and on an easy to use platform. Allowing yourself to go through the symptoms of COVID-19 and identify if you are showing symptoms and may be at risk of infection.

You can visit the Health Direct Symptom Checker here:

The “Coronavirus Australia” App

The Australian government has launched an app offering up-to-date advice and information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus Australia app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, was released alongside a new WhatsApp messaging feature.

NDIS Priority Home Delivery Services

As part, the services NDIS provide, during the current health situation NDIS participants from today (Monday 6th April) can purchase grocery items online to be delivered to their home.

The NDIA will send all participants a unique home delivery access code by SMS or email.

To access priority home delivery services:

  1. Complete your shopping online for home delivery with participating supermarket retailers.
  2. When prompted enter your unique priority home delivery code.
  3. Submit your order.

Read more here:

Useful videos to watch

The Australian Government Department of Health has recently released a range of resources to support in communicating some of the key messages around COVID-19, the below are some very handy short videos messages you should watch.

Coronavirus video – Older Australians

Coronavirus video – Social distancing

Coronavirus video – Stay Informed

Translation of COVID-19 Resources

The Department of Home Affairs has a dedicated website for all COVID-19 translated resources – COVID-19 information in your languageThis provides culturally and linguistically diverse communities with a single source of information in 63 languages other than English.

The following resources have been translated into 63 different languages: