Essential Resource For People With Disabilities

Vital Home Health Services is an Australian home health service provider, offering a range of services to support individuals with disabilities.

The team at Vital recognises that finding good quality resources for people with disabilities can be challenging. In this blog, we highlight an essential resource, the Council for Intellectual Disabilities (CID), which offers a variety of resources and support for people with disabilities. We also discuss our services and how we can help individuals with disabilities to access the support and services they need. 

Who is the CID? 

The Council for Intellectual Disabilities (CID) is an Australian-based advocacy organisation dedicated to empowering people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their full potential. One of the organisation’s core objectives is to promote inclusive communities that recognise the rights of all individuals, regardless of ability. To achieve this goal, the CID offers a range of resources and services to support people with intellectual disabilities, plus their families and carers. Their website is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on disability-related issues, including health care, education, employment, and social inclusion. 

CID is led by people with intellectual disabilities who are passionate about advocating for their rights and creating positive change. Their website is a testament to this commitment, providing a wealth of information and resources to empower people with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest. With its user-friendly interface and accessible design, the CID’s website is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to learn more about disability-related issues and access the support and services they need to live a fulfilling life. 

Important resources offered by CID 

CID hosts an excellent set of resources for people with disabilities or carers to access, including: 

  • Downloadable PDF ‘Easy Read’ guides on topics such as finances, making friends, COVID, and choosing support workers 
  • An online meetings (Zoom) checklist to assist people with disabilities in navigating digital communication 
  • A free set of ‘Your Service Your Rights cards’ to help people with disabilities determine if they are receiving good service. It can be ordered here. 
  • The CID also offers videos on various important topics. Their full video library can be accessed via YouTube. 

Community resources for individuals with disabilities are vital to ensure they have the support they need. CID offers this essential resource, helping many Australians with disabilities as well as others close to them. 

Services offered by Vital Home Health Services 

Vital Home Health Services is a NDIS registered provider, offering a wide range of support services for people with disabilities. Some of the services offered by Vital Home Health Services include: 

  1. Community Nursing: Vital Home Health Services provides skilled nursing care and support to individuals in their homes, such as wound care, medication management, and chronic disease management. 
  2. Household Tasks: Our team assists with household chores, such as cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping, helping people with disabilities to maintain a clean and organised home environment. 
  3. Assistance with Daily Personal Activities: We provide support with personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting, to help people with disabilities to live independently. 
  4. Life Stage Assistance: We help individuals with disabilities to navigate different life stages, such as transitioning from school to work or from a group home to independent living. 
  5. Life Skill Development: Our team offers training and support to help individuals with disabilities to develop life skills such as budgeting, time management, and social skills. 
  6. High Support Coordination: We offer coordination of high support services for individuals with complex needs, working with other service providers to ensure seamless delivery of care. 
  7. Emergency Preparedness: Vital Home Health Services assists individuals with disabilities to develop emergency plans, ensuring that they are prepared for any unexpected situations. 

        Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing quality care and support to individuals with disabilities. As an approved NDIS provider, we work closely with the NDIS to ensure that individuals receive the support and services that they need to live independently and improve their quality of life. 

        Emergency Preparedness Project by the University of Sydney 

        The Emergency Preparedness Project by the University of Sydney is an initiative to help people with disabilities prepare themselves for emergencies such as natural disasters, pandemics, and other critical unplanned events.  The goal of the project is to develop a better understanding of the needs of people with disabilities in emergency situations and to provide effective support and resources to assist them in coping with these types of events when they occur. The project is conducted in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, the University of Western Sydney, and several other organisations. 

        Designed to help individuals with disabilities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency events, the researchers are interested in understanding the level of preparedness of individuals with disabilities, what they can do for themselves, and what support is needed in an emergency. The survey is available online and can be accessed by anyone interested in participating in the research. The information collected from the survey will be used to develop emergency preparedness programs and resources that are tailored to the specific needs of people with disabilities. Participants’ privacy and confidentiality will be maintained throughout the research process. 

        Click here to take the survey. 

        Vital Home Health Services recognises the importance of accessible resources for people with disabilities. We hope this blog has provided useful information on the resources available to support individuals with disabilities.  

        Our services are designed to assist individuals in accessing the support and services they need to live a fulfilling life.  

        For more information on our services, please contact us today. 


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