What is a ‘Person-Centred’ Approach in Nursing?

When it comes to nursing, there are a number of different approaches. One such approach is known as “person centred”. But what does this mean exactly and how is it beneficial to clients and their individual circumstances.

We’ll take a closer look at the person-centred care definition, sometimes also known as the client centred approach.

What Is a Person-Centred Approach?

If you’re wondering what a person-centred approach is, it’s all about focusing on the needs, wants, desires and goals of the individual, rather than having a blanket approach to nursing for everyone.

When it comes to the healthcare profession, there are often priorities defined by healthcare professionals, but these are not always in line with a patient’s individual’s needs and are not always what’s best for the client’s well-being overall.

Person-centred care in nursing is essentially about listening to the client’s definition of their health and what they need, rather than rigidly following a predetermined protocol.

The Person-Centred Care Model

The way the individual is treated as a person is essentially the basic person-centred care definition. It’s about specific needs and how the client is treated for their condition.

When a healthcare professional is involved in person-centred care in nursing, the nurse will strive to listen to and understand what the client truly needs, all whilst making them comfortable, and as happy and content with their care situation as much as possible.

It’s important for the care giver and/or nurse to gain the trust of the client by taking note of their needs, values and preferences. It’s also about developing mutual respect between client and care giver, forming a bond and genuinely taking an active interest in their quality of life.

Some key things to note when it comes to person centred care include:

  • Emotional support
  • Understanding
  • Mutual respect
  • Physical comfort for the patient
  • Involving carers and family
  • Access to care
  • Care coordination
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Care tailored to the individual needs of the client
  • Empowerment for the client
  • And more…

How To Provide Person-Centred Care?

This has been touched on in the sections above, but we’ll elaborate a little further.

Instead of our client spending time recovering in a hospital, their wish may be to finish their recovery time in the comfort of their own home. This may also be the wishes of a client that has a terminal illness. Rather than see out their last days in a hospital bed, they’d rather be home, surrounded by their loved ones, their pets and things that are familiar to them.

To administer person-centred care, a nurse or other healthcare professional needs to be flexible in their approach and make mutual decisions with the client. Rather than an approach of doing things ‘to’ the client, it’s about doing things ‘with’ our client.

Forging relationships between carers, nurses, family members and our clients are all vital to the success of person-centred care, whether it be in the client’s home or a hospital environment.

The Advantages of Person-Centred Care

One of the major results of person-centred care is that it leads to a higher quality of healthcare overall. Rather than a client feeling like they have no choice in the matter, they get to make decisions about their treatment and have healthcare uniquely designed for their individual needs and personal desires. Naturally, this generally equates to a more rapid recovery for non-terminal clients.

Many clients undergoing person-centred care will typically be much happier and far more relaxed. It’s a less clinical approach to healthcare as it focuses on the person and not just the treatment.

Being surrounded by the comforts of the home improves one’s psyche, which is just as vital for recovery as is physical healing.

It’s often also far more rewarding for nurses and carers when person centred care is administered, as compared to a more traditional approach.

Specialists in Person-Centred Care

Vital Home Health specialises in person-centred care. We understand the needs and desires of our clients and their families and strive to meet them, developing relationships and mutual respect. For more information on our services, get in touch today.