The Benefits of Home Care Services for Adults with Disabilities

Many people living with a disability require professional care and support services within their homes. This enables them to be able to enjoy a better quality of life. What an able-bodied individual might take for granted can be a challenge for someone with a disability and that’s where in-home care can really be of assistance.

Let’s take a closer look at disability home care services, what the benefits are for clients and how home care for disabled adults leads to an enhanced quality of life. 

The Benefits of Home Care Services for Adults with Disabilities

Personalised Person-Centred Care Is Provided 

Effective and beneficial home care for adults with disabilities is not achieved with a blanket approach. Instead, an individualised person-centred care approach is adopted, where a care regime is tailored to meet the specific needs and wishes of the client. Every client is an individual and no two cases are exactly the same. Therefore, it makes logical sense to tailor a care package to each person’s circumstances. 

This results in the client being better cared for, as well as ensuring an improved quality of life is achieved. 

What Are the Main Benefits Of Home Care Services For Disabled Adults? 

Aside from personalised care, let’s take a look at some other important benefits home care provides. 

More Independence 

Rather than being in a hospital or some form of assisted facility, clients achieve a greater degree of independence when receiving home-based care services. While an adult living with a disability may need assistance with various daily tasks, being able to spend their time in their own home not only improves their overall quality of life, but also offers that all-important independence. 

Relieves the Pressure On Other Carers and Family Members 

If there are other people regularly caring for the person with a disability, this places a great deal of responsibility and strain on those individuals. Employing professional in-home care services relieves that pressure and responsibility and also allows carers and family members to have their own lives outside of caring for the person with a disability. 

Providing Assistance With Mobility 

Many clients living with a disability have certain mobility issues and therefore need assistance performing mundane tasks, using the bathroom or travelling from place to place. Professional home care services assist individuals with their mobility issues and are there to help and support them with whatever they need to do or wherever they need to go, such as a doctor’s appointment. Hygiene services are even provided for clients who have difficulty with tasks such as bathing. 

Taking Care Of Household Duties 

The duties of home carers for adults with a disability also include taking care of everyday tasks, such as doing the grocery shopping and preparing meals. Carers will also run errands, do the laundry, arrange dry cleaning, clean and tidy the home and may even do the gardening if required by the client. 

Providing Emotional Support 

Providing company and emotional support to the client can be just as vital as any other facet of home care services. Clients living with a disability need to know that they are supported and that someone is there who truly cares about their needs. Emotional support is not restricted to the client either, as carers also offer emotional support to other family members. 

Accompanying the Client To Social Events and Activities 

Clients like to get out of the house and socialise on occasion. In situations like these, they still require the assistance and support of their carer. One of the responsibilities of in-home carers is to accompany clients to their social outings and also to provide transportation to and from the location or venue. 

Medications and Pain Management 

The carer is also responsible for administering required medications and taking care of pain management for the client. This is another vital component of the home care package and is essential in many instances. 

Home Care Provided By Vital Home Health Services 

Vital Home Health Services provides in-home care for disabled adults. Our professional team of carers provide a high standard of care at all times and we can personalise your in-home assistance according to your individual needs and wishes.  

Talk to us today and discover how we can help you, or a loved one, improve overall quality of life.