What is Vital Home Health Services doing to prepare for any recommendations and changes required?

Vital Home Health Services approach to care, standards and staffing are already in line with many of the recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission.

Watch our 5-part series on the Aged Care Royal Commission, where we answer all of your questions and concerns. Find all the videos here.


We are as dedicated to providing best-practice home-based care as ever. In fact, our approach to care, standards and staffing are already in line with many of the recommendations.

We strongly support the need for a rights-based Aged Care act. This is something that already aligns with our organisation’s philosophy. We take a person-centred approach to care, meaning that our services are personalised, tailored, and take a client’s preferences into account.

A review of standards and a star-rating system is also welcome. Vital Home Health Services are already accredited with The Australian Council on Health Care Standards – ensuring that the nursing and support staff entering your home are of the highest standard. We also hold extra accreditations that are in addition to the mandatory  –meaning not many other home care providers go the extra mile to obtain them. That is how committed we are to providing the best care and support services to our clients.

We employ and provide educational support to our registered nurses. We also employ clinical support specialists which include a team of senior registered nurses, nurse educators, and a wound nurse practitioner.

Should any changes to processes or standards arise, you can be certain that Vital Home Health Services will implement them promptly.

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