Essential incontinence resources

Incontinence means to not have full control of your bladder, which can be stressful, inconvenient, or just embarrassing for a lot of people. According to, incontinence affects 1 in 4 adult Australians. 

We have put together a list of resources by experts on the topic which will be helpful for caregivers to have handy for clients or family members living with incontinence.  

Australian Government Department of Health 

The Health Department have several resources available on the topic of incontinence which are extremely helpful: 

National Continence Helpline 

There is a National Continence Helpline, which aims to provide an instant line of contact with continence nurse advisors, ready to help caregivers and clients alike.  

  • Find out more about the helpline here

Continent Aids Payments Scheme 

The Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) is a service which allows those in need of continence items like pads. This can be a wonderful way of helping someone with incontinence, so definitely check if they are eligible.  

  • You can learn more about the scheme here.  
  • You can apply for CAPS here.  

Continence Foundation of Australia 

As an organisation that specialises in continence, the Continence Foundation of Australia is a great place to find information and latest news on the condition.  

Information and Statistics 

For those in need of extra information on the topic of continence, they have pages with lots of information about the condition and statistics of who is affected by it that may interest you.  

  • You can read all about incontinence here.  
  • You can view the statistics here.  

Product List 

There is a full product list available which can be helpful when helping purchase items for your client/family member. The list includes items like pads, pants, sheath, bed pads, bed sheets, chair pads and catheters, as well as information on what each item does and video tutorials.  

  • You can visit this page here

Aged Care Resources 

There’s a free PDF document available for download that has been put together specifically for those who are the primary caregiver of someone living with incontinence. As stated on the page “The resources comprise a number of forms that help guide the delivery of best practice continence care, as well as a user guide to help you use these resources to support older Australians with continence care that aligns with their needs, goals and preferences.” 

  • Check it out here

Bins 4 Blokes 

Finally, Bins 4 Blokes is a campaign that we recently spoke about on our Instagram page. It is an initiative that hopes to bring awareness of the high numbers of incontinence  and to implement bins in men’s public toilets (like what women already have for menstruation products) specifically for items like pads.  

  • You can learn more about Bins 4 Blokes and view all their resources on their website here.  

Finally, here at Vital Home Health Services our nurses are trained in assisting those with incontinence with care and dignity, ensuring that our clients are happy, comfortable, and looked after. For more information, please visit our services page.