Finding an NDIS provider who will build your independence

Moving away from where you’ve grown up can be challenging, especially when you realise you must do everything yourself. This can especially seem daunting for those living with disability who have had assistance throughout their lives – however, building up independence and self-sustainability can be extremely rewarding for clients, carers and family! In this blog we’re going to go over how finding an NDIS provider will help you or a loved one with developing independence.

One of the biggest aspects of independence is getting employment and being able to earn your own income. Thankfully NDIS service providers can assist you or your loved one to find employment, via upskilling, resume building and further training.

Housing is another important aspect of independence. Services like Nest will be used by an NDIS provider to work with you to find housing that will accommodate all accessibility needs, such as ramp access or fixtures throughout the home. Some places are shared accommodation whilst others are for one person, so it’s completely down to your own preferences and finances.

NDIS service providers will also be able to help organise travel – whether it be travelling to work or enjoying recreational activities. If you have impaired vision or an assistance animal there are Opal cards you may wish to apply for, as well as an NSW companion card which allows your carer to join you on public transport.

A key part of independence building is getting involved in community events – a good NDIS provider will let you know of any upcoming events and help get you organised and ready to go. It’s a great way of finding hobbies and recreational activities, and a good way to get used to using public transport and to meet new people.

There are so many more ways an NDIS service provider, so we recommend discussing these points whilst finding an NDIS provider near you to assist in your daily life.

To find an NDIS provider, visit and download the appropriate pdf file for your state or territory. As a care co-ordinator, you can also get in touch with Vital Home Health Services so we can point you in the right direction.