Living independently at home as a senior

Maintaining independence and living in the home they love can be crucial for many people as they get older. Whether you have a garden you love, loyal pets or you enjoy having your grandchildren around, senior living at home is often the best option. Many older people worry about having to move and downsize in their later years or go into a residential care home, but it isn’t the only option available. Having a plan for senior living at home is a great strategy for remaining independent, and at Vital Home Health Services, we’re here to help.

The advantages of living at home as a senior

As more and more of us live longer, staying in our homes is becoming the norm. Not only is it good for mental health and wellbeing, but senior living at home can also be great for staying active and keeping healthy. It’s also good for those who do not like rigid routines and want the freedom to do what they want when they want. For those who love cooking, crafting or gardening, having your own place is essential. With specialised support from qualified nurses, staying at home can also be helpful if you are struggling with memory, poor sleep or anxiety. Senior living at home can be a great option for those involved in the local community as well as helping with keeping fit and staying comfortable.

Can you get any funding if you want to live at home? 

Yes, if you’re a resident in Australia, you may be entitled to some support from the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) provides people with access to home-based aged care services that will enable them to live at home for longer, Services include nursing, personal care, and social support services to help you attend medical appointments or help to get your shopping done for or with you where possible.  

Why it is important to live at home in old age? 

As we get older, being comfortable, safe, and familiar can be key to a happy old age. From choosing what you want to watch on TV to making sure you get your medical appointments on time. These little acts of independence mean so much. The local links you have built up over a lifetime are so important and having a place where family and friends can stay is truly wonderful. Minimising stress, staying connected to your loved ones, and encouraging independence are so important to living longer at home.

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