Resources Carers Will Find Helpful

A carer, or caregiver, is a person (unpaid) who helps a relative or loved one with day-to-day activities. This may be due to chronic illness, ageing, convalescence and rehabilitation, or disability. You may be a carer at this time but are unsure. Or, you might have recently assumed this role and have some questions around caring.  

Many, at some point in their lifetime, will find themselves in the carer role for a friend or relative who cannot cope with daily living without additional support. In fact, according to, as many as ‘3 in 5 of us will care for someone in our lifetime’. It can sometimes feel like a confusing and overwhelming position to be in. The great news for carers is that there are plenty of free, informative resources available! 

Here are some resources carers will find helpful: 

Carer assisting a less able person to get up and out of her chair 

A great place to start is the federal government’s website. It offers objective and helpful information about where to find local services as well as care providers who can help support you in your role as a carer. You can also learn about available financial assistance and if you’re eligible. 

Carers Australia is an organisation that advocates for unpaid carers. Here you’ll find a wealth of information on carer health, wellbeing, and financial security. After all, it’s important to ensure your own care to ensure that you can continue to provide care to your loved one.  

Charities, bodies and foundations  

There is an array of illness-specific carer information you’ll be able to find online. Try searching ‘leukemia carer resources’ or ‘dementia carer resources’ and you should be able to find information on a particular charity or foundation site. Some notable ones are: 

  • Carer resources – Leukaemia Foundation 

Respite care information from Healthdirect  

If you are an unpaid carer, it is important that you know about respite care. You can find out more about respite for aged care here, or head to Healthdirect for some information from the government.  

Being an unpaid carer can be lonely, scary and fraught with anxiety. You do not need to struggle whilst trying to stay resilient for your loved one. Contact the caring and compassionate team at Vital Home Health Services today so we can help you navigate the complexities of care and assist you with the referral process where required.