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Vital staff at Kokoda Day event

Kokoda Day 2020

November 3rd  is ‘Kokoda Day’, a day to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the Papua New Guinea wartime carriers. Today the team at Vital… Read More »Kokoda Day 2020

Celebrating life at 100 with Eileen

Monday the 5th October 2020 marked a very special day for one very special client, Eileen celebrated her 100th birthday in her own home, and it was a wondrous day! It is not every day that you turn 100, so we were intrigued by the wonderful Eileen. We wanted to know more and with the help of her amazing and supportive family, we learned more about her impressive 100 years on this earth! We feel so privileged to be caring for Eileen in the safety of her own home.

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how-cope with social isolation

How to Cope with Social Isolation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By now, we all know the importance of social distancing during this time and have already seen the benefits of reduced rates of coronavirus infection. But as Australia presses pause on social activities, events and past times it’s vital to remember the importance of social connection for the mind, body and social.

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